DIY Car Airconditioning for your Infant

I went and saw my sister, Alena the other weekend to hang out with her and my nephew Jackson. He is sleep training right now, so all hands on deck is always a good idea. I had InstaStoried her car, because it looked out of this world. Literally, it looks like a robot or a spaceship.

My nephew is rear facing and gets so hot in the car! My sister’s car doesn’t have the capability to put any air vents in his direction that his safety is a major concern. Knowing how dangerous this is my sister took action. I ended up doing a DIY tutorial with my sister, which you can watch in the video below.

“When temperatures outside range from 80 degrees to 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can quickly climb to between 130 to 172.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

​I truly hope that if you have a little one, or know someone that does, please sit in the back seat with that child to see if the air flow is sufficient. If it is not, I encourage you to take action, like my sister did to ensure the safety of your little one.

I have provided a list of  the materials that we mentioned in the DIY video for your convenience and also to the premade air-conditioning system The Noggle.

The Items: Air Duct tubing, scissors, duct tape, hole puncher, and zip-ties. Or you can purchase The Noggle, or the Noggle Bundle here:
The Noggle
The Noggle Bundle

*This is NOT a sponsored post, but does contain Affiliate links. If items are purchased through site I may receive a commission.

23 thoughts on “DIY Car Airconditioning for your Infant

  1. Nicole says:

    This project is amazing! You have no idea. While it may look like something out of a robot book (which is totally cool if you have kids), it’s useful! Not all of us can afford to have a car with air vents in the back seat! But this DIY could possibly save a life/stop a seizure from accruing/ bring coolness to a heated situation and overall bring relief! Thank you for posting this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ashunexpected says:

      Thank you so much! The response to that instagram story was overwhelming and I hope that this helps people truly understand how important cooling down the car and your child is. I appreciate you!


    • ashunexpected says:

      As the aunt, my car does not look like this haha but having seen how hot he gets when I’m his “backseat buddy” I realized how important it is to keep them cool. Thank you so much, I truly hope this helps someone, so I appreciate the referrals to those you know who might benefit from the information


    • ashunexpected says:

      It’s super easy to do yourself, especially if you have the materials. The air duct is a little on the expensive side, but if you know someone who has, chances are you can make this for less than $10 bc the other items are almost everyday household items. If not the Noggle is super cost effective!


  2. mommabeaver3 says:

    I agree! Some of those back seats can get very, very hot! And also, like in our suburban, they can turn into an ice box long before those in the front have cooled down. That’s not so much an issue in the summer as it is in the winter. Brr!!!

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    • ashunexpected says:

      My parents are grandparents (obviously) and a tip I have to anyone looking g to watch little ones is to always switch cars with the parents. They will have that car seat fastened the way it needs to be, and if air flow was a concern their car could be fitted out and used by all. The Noggle is an amazing gift! Especially to new parents! My sister had not idea what an issue air flow was going to be In her car until the temperatures rose!


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