Life is Unexpected

From “Corntown” to “Hippyville”, the “City by the Bay”and now “Cowtown” I’m a girl who’s made some epic mistakes, who does not have it all figured out, nor do I feel like I have to. I know that love comes and goes, and the hardest situations don’t have to break you. I know that there are lessons to be learned if we listen and there is something to celebrate even in the darkest moments. This blog isn’t just about me and what I’ve learned so far, or what I am working on, but it is about the many people who have embraced the “unexpected” and are living gratefully. Like I said before, I don’t have it all figured out, but I’m living life on purpose and embracing the journey.




8 thoughts on “Life is Unexpected

  1. Elizabeth O says:

    Your story is going and I’m sure you will reach others in need of comfort and answers. I wish you all the best on your blogging journey and may you find joy in the creative freedom of this medium.


  2. Emely says:

    I swore I replied to this post before. Anyways, I look forward to you sharing with us your wisdom. Life is certainly unpredictable, it is the capacity of seeing the good in those moments of darkness that makes us wiser and ultimately happier.

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